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A Bird In My Chimney

Being the owner of a home which has fireplaces and chimney stacks, sometimes has a few downfalls. One thing that can happen is a bird flying down your chimney flue. There are no written manuals to tell you what to do and each situation is different. Hopefully this might help you pick the right solution to help the bird (or animal) that may be stuck down your chimney.

bird down my chimney

Don't Smoke Them Out

First instincts may be to light a fire and smoke them out of your chimney, but this is cruel and could kill the animal which could leave you with a blocked chimney flue and the smell of a decomposing animal. There are a number of alternative ways that you can do to try and get them out.

Give The Bird A Disco

If a bird (or animal) has decided that your chimney is the ideal place to make their nest, it will be because, in their minds it is a warm, dry, and safe place. This might not be ideal for you in the short term and you may decide that they need to move on. A proven technique has been to play loud music into the chimney flue and leave a bright light shining up your chimney for a couple of days. Hopefully, the animal will choose to leave of its own accord.

Positive Encouragement

Once a bird has fallen down your chimney flue, it is hard for them to turn and fly upwards in such a confined space. They become distressed and flustered very quickly. If possible, it is best to get them to come all the way to the bottom of the chimney into the hearth and coax them out through the window or door. Failing that, it is better to put them in a box and either release them into the wild again or take, if injured, to your local RSPB.

Put A Cap On It

Once you have managed to get the bird or animal from your chimney, it might be worth thinking about putting a cap on the top of your chimney or chimney pot. This should stop unwanted birds and animals inadvertently entering. Your local chimney sweep or roofing contractor will be able to recommend the best type for your home.

Call In The Experts

Your local chimney sweep or wildlife expert can always be a sensible port of call. They are used to dealing with such issues on a weekly basis, especially during the nesting season. These experts have the right equipment to help get the bird out of the chimney with the least amount of distress to all parties concerned.

If you have any of your own top tips for removing birds from your chimney, then we would love to hear them! Please share it on our Facebook page, tweet us or send us an email.

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