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100% Natural Kindling

The ZIP® 100% Natural Kindling is made from sustainable sources as a by-product of the sugarcane process. The sugarcane is pressed together to create the bars, making it a uniform size for easy storage. The low moisture allows for easy lighting and better performance getting your fire going in minutes.

Preparation and usage

1. Place ZIP® 100% Natural Kindling amongst your fuel. For hard-to-light fuels use more 100% Natural Kindling as required.

2. Using limited draught, light kindling. ZIP® recommends using long safety matches. When kindling is well lit, carefully add more fuel taking care not to extinguish flames.

3. When the fire is well-lit, increase the draught.

Features & Benefits

  • 100% natural and made from sustainable sources
  • Made from waste sugarcane
  • Low moisture for better performance
  • Heat treated for purity
  • Uniform size for easy storage

Ideal for use in

  • Indoor open fires
  • Wood burning or multi-oven stoves
  • Chimineas and firepits

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