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Instant Light Disposable BBQ Grill

The ZIP® Instant Light Disposable BBQ Grill is easy and convenient, ideal for a last-minute BBQ, wherever you are. The instant light starter bag is fast and fuss-free, ensuring the briquettes light reliably and quickly.

Preparation and usage


1. Remove the Zip Instant Light Disposable BBQ Grill and stand from the cardboard box. Place the stand on a steady, level, non-flammable heat-resistant surface sheltered from the wind.

2. Lift up the BBQ grill and place it on the stand.

3. Leave the starter sheet under the grill surface. Do NOT use any firelighters or flammable liquids.

4. Light the BBQ grill, without removing the grill surface, by inserting a lit match through the holes. Light at both ends of the starter sheet.

5. The briquettes will be ready to cook in approx. 20 minutes, depending on outdoor wind conditions.

6. Once the flames have died down and the briquettes have ashed over, you can begin cooking.

7. If desired, to maintain even heat distribution during cooking, agitate the charcoal by tapping the grill tray with a cooking utensil.


DO NOT refill. This is a single-use pack. Extinguish immediately after you finish cooking and allow it to go cold before handling the BBQ grill, moving it, or disposing of it. Remember the area beneath and around the Zip Instant Light Disposable BBQ Grill will become extremely hot and will remain so for some time after use. Dispose of your Zip Instant Light Disposable BBQ Grill carefully and responsibly.

Features & Benefits

  • Simply light the wax starter sheet
  • Ready to BBQ in 20 minutes
  • Quick lighting and long burning
  • Convenient and easy to use
  • FSC approved (FSC-C107333)
  • Fully recyclable packaging

Ideal for use in

  • Chimineas and firepits

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