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Barbecuing Top Tips

Unlock the secrets of BBQ success with these essential tips. Whether you’re a beginner or a seasoned pro, get ready to elevate your barbecue game to the next level.


Keep It Clean
Removing grease and food from a barbecue is easier when it is a little warm. So once the coals are alight and the grate is slowly starting to heat up, use a long-handled wire brush on your grill to clean off any left-over food or grease. Don’t forget to scrape it again immediately after use. This way, you’ll be ready for your next barbecue in double-quick time.
Oil It Up

Whether your barbecue is clean or dirty, the lack of grease in lean foods means that they may still stick to your grill. Use a vegetable oil-soaked piece of paper/kitchen towel and a pair of tongs, and apply the oil to the food to stop sticking. Never apply oil directly from the bottle or from a spray, as this may cause unwanted flames and even smoke.
Make Food Safe

Don’t forget when cooking outdoors, food hygiene is so important. Remember to have separate plates for raw and cooked meat, different chopping boards for vegetables and so on. Also, ensure that your food is in the fridge for as long as possible and keep marinating meats in there too.
Avoid Flare-Ups

Flames erupt from your barbecue when fat drips onto the heat source and catch fire. You run the risk of charring the outside of the food before the inside is cooked thoroughly. To reduce flare-ups, select lean cuts of meat, trim excess fat, and remove the skins from poultry. As an added safety measure, it is worth keeping a “squirt” or “spray” water bottle nearby to quickly douse any flare-up.
Banish The Bugs

Bacteria in any undercooked food can ruin a great event, so ensuring that your barbecue is at optimum temperature for killing any bugs and thoroughly cooking your food is essential. To make sure your barbecue reaches the right temperature, consider investing in a food thermometer to check that the food is cooking at its most appropriate heat. Alternatively, pierce the food with a fork to allow the heat to cook the inside of the food more quickly.

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